Canoe~Angler Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Will the Canoe~Angler fit my canoe?

Mostly likely.  The Canoe~Angler is designed with adjustable telescoping arms and will fit any canoe (or any position in a canoe) that's a minimum of 24.5" from inside gunwale to inside gunwale or 37.5" outside to outside.

2)  Will my tacklebox fit in the Canoe~Angler?

The Canoe~Angler was designed for a standard style tacklebox, with a maximum base of 15" x 7". Anything larger won't seat properly.  Other types of tackleboxes may sit in or on the Canoe~Angler, but may not offer the same convenience of leaving your box open as the pictures show.  Note:  It is never recommended to leave your tacklebox open or even unlatched while paddling a canoe from A to B.  Secure your tacklebox to the Canoe~Angler with a bungee cord or similar, and also secure the Canoe~Angler to the canoe either with a tether or hard mounting.

3)  Can I use the Canoe~Angler as a seat?

NO! NO! NO!  The Canoe~Angler was designed as an organizer for your canoe ONLY.  It is easily strong and sturdy enough to hold your full tacklebox, (2) rods, a beverage and some miscellaneous items, but that was its only intended use.  Sitting on the Canoe~Angler - even a small child - is dangerous whether the tray can hold the person up or not.  PLEASE please please do NOT use the Canoe~Angler for anything other than its intended purpose.

4)  Will the spring-loaded telescoping arms bow my canoe inward or dig in and mar the finish?

*Laugh*  No, and sorry for laughing...that was a valid question.  The telescoping arms are connected with a small bungee cord that is designed ONLY to hold them in or draw them back in when you adjust the position of the tray.  They should not be expected to withstand an unreasonable pull or be continually stretched to full extension of the telescoping arms.  Marring:  If you have a nice finish on your canoe (like a light wood canoe), I strongly suggest that you add some padding to the underside of the gunwale clamp pieces.  The bungees still won't pull hard enough to mar or scuff, but bumping the unit while installed could cause a gouge or something, so please be careful with any decorative watercraft.

5)  Can I troll with my rods set in the Canoe~Angler?

Yes and no.  You never know when you're going to hook that lunker, so unless you have your Canoe~Anglers hard mounted, I wouldn't risk it.  Even if you do decide on the hard mounting, always keep an eye on your rods.  Be sure to check local laws to determine if it's legal to fish with more than one line at a time.

6)  Can I portage my canoe with the Canoe~Angler?

Absolutely.  Again, if you have your Canoe~Anglers hard mounted, They're in and staying in. Since the Canoe~Angler is made of lightweight materials (about 5 lbs, total), even two of them mounted in your canoe isn't all that noticeable.  Yeah, yeah, I can hear all you wilderness camping purists whining from here.  I'm a wilderness camper too, and don't have a problem portaging my 18'6" AlumaCraft (71 lbs.) with two hard mounted Canoe~Anglers.

7)  Can I mount a depth/fish finder on the Canoe~Angler?

Absolutely!  If you want to use the tackle box compartment for mounting your fish/depth finder, there are already drain holes that could be used for your mounting bracket.  If you want to mount it elsewhere so you can still use a full-sized tackle box, all the Canoe~Angler materials are sturdy enough to handle a couple more drill holes.  However, since mounting brackets and location preferences will vary, you drill and mount at your own risk.  We can't be responsible any cosmetic or functional damage, but...(see next question)

8)  Are replacement parts available if my Canoe~Angler becomes damaged?

Yes.  The Canoe~Angler is very sturdy and durable, but it's not indestructable.  If damage occurs for reasons of poor quality material or workmanship, we'll replace the damaged parts free of charge upon part inspection.  If damage occurs from misuse (accidental or otherwise), we can still replace the parts.  Email us for part prices.

If you have questions that aren't answered here, please email us.

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