The Canoe~Angler -- THIS IS NOT A STEP!

The Canoe~Angler is sturdy, but please avoid the temptation to stand or sit on it!

The tray is molded from durable, high density polyethylene (HDPE) for a seamless contour plus weather and UV protection.

The  square aluminum tubing  frame is lightweight and corrosion resistant.  The  gunwale clamps  fit easily over gunwales even up to 2 inches wide!



The spring-action, telescoping arms adjust to fit a variety of canoe widths* and positions:  In front of the rear seat, behind the front seat, or anywhere in between!

*(Min. inside gunwales is 24.5" - Max. outside gunwales is 37.5")

Coming Soon:

The "Nose Adapter" - for mounting your Canoe~Angler on the front (nose) of the canoe to fish facing foward.

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Canoe~Angler - Patented in the USA!

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